Xantu.Layr nanofibre veils - what to expect


Gain the edge, no matter the application


Revolution Fibres have developed Xantu.Layr®, the world’s first commercially available interleaving nanofibre veil for use in fibre reinforced thermoset polymer composite materials. Produced using a proprietary production method (Sonic Electrospinning Technology), Xantu.Layr® is an ultra-thin non-woven web consisting of kilometre long thermoplastic nanofibres, each one being about 500x thinner than a human hair.

When placed in-between the plies of reinforcing fibres in a composite laminate, Xantu.Layr® nanofibre veils are able to significantly improve the fracture toughness (delamination resistance), compression after impact strength (damage tolerance) and fatigue resistance of the composite without adding much thickness and weight. 

Xantu.Layr® nanofibre veils are able to improve composite materials by providing nano-scale reinforcement of the brittle matrix resin, resulting in a tougher resin (even when used with already toughened resin systems) which is less prone to micro-cracking when stressed or impacted.


Xantu.Layr® is particularly suitable for improving the performance of composite structures that are prone to impact/crash damage, delamination and high flexure or fatigue loadings.


If you require greater performance from your composite components, use Xantu.Layr® nanofibre veils.


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