Composite reinforcement 101

Composite reinforcement describes all methods of improving the mechanical properties of composite materials. The choice of reinforcement is important for the properties of the finished part. Such as load-carrying capacity, strength, impact resistance and flexural stiffness.

Typically achieved prior to moulding, there are various methods of composite reinforcement. The most common being particle-based resin additives. However with recent break throughs in electro-spinning technology, nanofibre veils for composite reinforcement have become an affordable option. With numerous benefits over older particle-based resin additives, nanofibre composite reinforcement can grant a competitive advantage to early adopters.

Local composite reinforcement - strength where you need it


Xantu.Layr nanofibre can be cut and applied in sections. This means you have total control to add extra toughness and durability to specific sections or parts. This video demonstrates how to cut and roll Xantu.Layr into pre-preg carbon fibre.

Performance with virtually zero weight addition


Nanofibres are very, very small and light. Xantu.Layr nanofibre is a non-woven fabric made up of a collection of these tiny nanofibres. Each square meter of Xantu.Layr contains hundreds of kilometers of nanofibre, and yet can weigh as little as 3grams. Xantu.Layr is available in differing weights (1.5 gsm, 3 gsm, 4.5 gsm), all with fantastic performance improvements. High strength with low weight is crucial to any composite material. For designers and companies looking for a competitive advantage, it's hard to argue with the performance increase with such little weight gain.

Nanofibre Composite Reinforcement Benefits:


Improved impact resistance
With impact energy being dispersed through a nanoscopic web of fibre throughout the resin, parts with xantu.Layr reinforcement will stand up to impact far beyond un-reinforced composites.


Reduced interlaminar fracture
Cracks tend to propogate through resin as it can be brittle. With Xantu.Layr nanofibre embedded in the resin between each layer of fibre, crack propogation is greatly reduced.


Improved composite fatigue life
The lifespan of composite parts with Xantu.Layr reinforcement is hugely improved as the parts stand up to wear and tear better with the nanofibre reinforcement between each layer of fibre absorbing and dispersing energy which would normally break down and damage the part.

Enhanced resin toughness
With hundreds of kilometers of nanofibre weaving through every square meter of material, the resin becomes far tougher and resistant to damage. 

Reduced ply delamination
The added strength and toughness of the nanofibre holds the composite layers together with far less delamination than un-reinforced composite materials.


Get started with Xantu.Layr

Xantu.Layr is available in Hobby Packs, Starter Packs and short roll orders. Larger orders, distributor enquiries and other information can be arranged by contacting Revolution Fibres: +64 9 835 4805,


+64 9 835 4805


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